Get to Know Favorite Healthcare Staffing

Get to Know Favorite Healthcare Staffing

What makes Favorite Healthcare Staffing unique? The answer is simple — our people. From the commitment to our communities, to our “work hard play hard” mentality, it’s our people who define who we are.


  1. Sheila Seltzer

    Valarie Hawkins was the recruiter that changed my life in early April 2020. She had seen my resume and recruited me for Infection Control nurse for the state of Florida. This was a once in a lifetime experience. After talking with me and she could tell I was nervous she was so caring and said, I know you will be very good at this and will be successful. Here I was a stranger to her and she believed in me and I was very successful at my job with the state of Florida. Thanks again. She is essential and an unsung hero.

  2. Jo Ann Dean

    Interested in Covid-19 vaccinator position, temporarily. Informed person must have previous Charge Nurse” experience. Where are you located. I live in Chicago. Retired from Cook County. Opened our “A.I.D.S. Specialty Unit as charge nurse.

  3. Susan Schniers

    I want to travel more than just in my local area. I know that it can be hard to place nurses at times like these. I have beem to the VA in Quincy Il and at this time I am working in corrections. Is there anything else that will chanllenge me.

  4. Brooke Pietersen

    Hello, I am looking at being a contract/travel nurse. I have 30 years experience in psychiatric nursing. I have worked mostly in leadership roles for the past 20 years. I am wondering if you could send me any information, examples of positions this company has done placement and what the average pay is. Thank you for any information you may have.


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