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Congratulations to our First Traveler of the Month!

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We might be biased, but our travel nurses are incredible. Favorite traveling nurses get to live in beautiful locations while doing something they’re passionate about. We want to give you the inside scoop on what our travel nurses do while on assignment, so each month we’ll feature one of these awesome RNs! If you’ve ever …

Where Do Travel Nurses Go?

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The beauty of travel nursing is the ability to explore unfamiliar places and meet new people, all while getting paid to be on assignment. Travel nurses can even get housing accommodations to help make their short-term move as easy as possible. But where do travel nurses go? Favorite Healthcare Staffing has assignments nationwide, which is …

Pediatric Travel Nursing with Favorite

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Traveling pediatric nurses at Favorite have the opportunity to work in some of the most prestigious facilities while enjoying the many benefits of travel nursing and visiting incredible new places around the country. Pediatric nurses care for children from their birth to their teen years and deliver the essential support they need to grow up …

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