How to Excel in a Career as a Per Diem Nurse

We’ve already discussed a few of the incredible benefits of per diem nursing, but what does it take to have a successful career in per diem nursing? Here are some qualities we think are important to have for this career path.

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Confidence is key – Temp nurses have a daunting task. They are asked to go into a facility they don’t work in every day and are supposed to be as productive as the staff who work there every day of the week. Nurses who have confidence in themselves are highly suited for these types of jobs.

Adapt to your surroundings -
As a per diem nurse, you will do something different each day. Therefore, it’s vital to have an open mindset and be able to quickly adjust to new positions and facilities. The world of healthcare is fast paced.

Calm, cool and collected – With the high stress and pressure of working with facilities and people you don’t work with often, temp nurses need to have a calm demeanor. They should be able to handle pressure with grace and remain calm in stressful situations.

Develop your communication skills – Because you will constantly be working in new settings with new people, it’s important to develop top notch communication skills. Not only should you ask questions when you don’t understand, you should also regularly communicate with the staff to guarantee you are following the proper guidelines.

Think about finances – Saving money is important for everyone, but as a per diem nurse it’s even more important to save money. You will feel much more secure if you have a safety net of funds to rely on during those slower periods of work.

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