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Nurses Once Again Ranked as the Most Honest and Ethical Profession

Favorite Healthcare Staffing_Nurses Most Honest Profession

For the 17th consecutive year, nurses have earned the top spot as the most honest and ethical profession, thanks to the annual Gallup poll which compares nurses to other professions such as teachers, journalists and lawyers. Out of those who took the survey, 84% of Americans rated the honesty and ethical standards of nurses as …

Favorite Volunteers Visit the Rose Brooks Center for the Holidays

favorite healthcare staffing_thegroup

From all of us at Favorite, Happy Holidays! We are truly inspired by all healthcare professionals who constantly serve their patients and community. Thank you for your passion, kindness and commitment! One of Favorite’s core values is volunteerism and giving back to the community. This year, Favorite employees once again visited The Rose Brooks Center, …

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