Black History Month: Celebrating the Legacy of Nurse Diversity

This February we are celebrating Black history month by looking back at 10 Nurses who paved the way for African Americans in Healthcare.


Diversity is important in every line of work, but it is extremely vital in healthcare. Patient outcomes and the quality of care are dramatically improved when nurses come from different backgrounds. Plus, different cultures and perspectives allow for greater collaboration and innovation.

Even though there’s a greater focus on diversity in the industry, there’s still much to be done. Today, RN’s face a workforce shortage and are needed in more places than ever. Yet, most the workforce is still Non-Hispanic White. Per research by the American Nurses Association, Whites are over-represented by close to 9%. However, change is on the horizon.

The most current demographic research shows, the youngest generation of nurses are the most diverse ever.

Check out this fantastic infographic titled 10 African-American Nurses Who Paved the Way via

nurse infographic

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