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What’s Your Favorite Healthy Activity?


We are excited to announce our newest My Favorite Things Contest! When it comes to maintaining your health what do you prefer to do? Whether it’s lacing up your trusty shoes for a run, or relaxing with yoga, we want to know what your favorite healthy activity is! Everyone who submits a photo and story showcasing their favorite healthy activity …

Five Free Career-Advancing Courses for the Modern Healthcare Professional


It’s official. School is back in session. Well, maybe not for you. But what if, in less than 10 weeks, you could add a new skill to your resume for free? Sounds pretty good right? Thanks to Open Courseware (OCW)*, it’s possible; all online and all from the comfort of your home. Searching the internet …

How to Deal with Stress in the Workplace [Infographic]


We all deal with stress in our careers. For some, it’s ramped up during deadlines or periods of transition, but for many, stress is a daily occurrence; especially for healthcare employees. According to a CareerBuilder nationwide survey of 3,211 workers, the healthcare industry is the most stressed. In fact, 69% of healthcare workers reported that …

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